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2020 : What a year – What a Vintage

We are living in a very special period in our lives at the moment. Not just as wine makers but as human beings. We must reinforce our living style convictions and a closer connection with nature.

It doesn’t mean we insist to extoll the way it was 13 generations ago but well to accentuate a reflexion we have had for several years now about our cultural methods. Everything is evoluting because we can see clearly the effects of global warning. We have to do everything we can to both limit the effects as well as we must adapt.

Commercialy speaking , in addition to global warming the onset of the virus has made us realize the importance of communication to you our friends. To explain how greatly we love and care for our familes terroirs and of the nature within the vineyards. The 14th generation has been born and it is our great responsibility to be the caretakers to pass these vineyards on so they can continue our tradition.

During thoses confinement weeks we stopped to meet with our friends and family around a table to share a good meal, a laugh and some great wine. This experience allowed to us to appreciate more than before the meaning of word family and friends.

The wine sector (winegrower , restaurant , wine merchant , wholesaler , importer) as a whole must strongly be mobilized to innovate and to keep in touch with each other and our consumers so they know how much toil, love and history goes into each of our wines.

We all know the months coming will be uncertain but it’s exactly a good moment for us to communicate the authenticity and integrity of our wines to you. And we together can work to forge that new normal for generations to come.

Thank you for your partnership in our journey.

Valerie, Jacques and Justin Girardin

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