Quinta de Couselo, Rías Baixas ‘Rosal’ 2022

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Sourced from the estate’s vineyards and from leased plots under the close technical control of the winery. Soils are granite and shale based. Strict control in the vineyard with manual harvest in boxes of 15kg. Immediately before arrival at the winery, the grapes are subjected to temperature control by cold storage transport at 5°C. A vibrating sorting table selects the best fruit, bunch by bunch. The whole grapes are destemmed and given a short maceration with skins prior to pressing. Separation of musts. Static racking. Temperature-controlled fermentation. Ageing on fine lees for 6 months. Clarification, stabilization and sterile filtration prior to bottling in May/ June.

Tasting note

ntense lemon yellow, with a greenish flash, steely edging, clean and very bright. Elegant floral intensity (orange blossom, jasmine, chamomile), with character, fresh fruit sensations (red delicious apple, litchie, Williams pear), lemon cream and lemongrass, subtle aromas of aromatic herbs (thyme, sage), fresh hay sliced, delicate balsamic (laurel) and mineral notes. Intense entry, with volume, fresh and balanced, fruity and floral sensations, light citrus, the palate is creamy, intense and fresh, minerality that gives way to salty sensations, long-lasting with a very good final aftertaste, Elegant.

About the producer

Quinta Couselo has a history of winemaking that goes back to the foundation of the winery in 1864. It is situated in O Rosal in the southwestern corner of Galicia and is bordered on one side by the Río Carballas, the last tributary of the Miño river before it reaches the Atlantic. The vineyards cover 30 acres with soil types that range from sedimentary loam to slate. O Rosal’s benign climate aids the ripening of grapes and is an important factor in the noted balance of wines.

The winemaker is José Manuel Martínez Juste, born and bred in Galicia, whose viticulture and winemaking follow the best practices of our ancestors, experts in choosing the ideal locations and solar orientation for their vineyards. The producer only cultivate indigenous, Galician varieties, such as Albariño, and do not use any herbicides or systemic fungicides. This enables soils to thrive and feed vines with all the nutrients they need to produce healthy grapes. Most of vines are trained using the traditional, Galician, pergola trellising system, which allows air to enter and ventilate the vineyards.

All the grapes are picked by hand in small crates, which are carried directly to the winery, where clusters are chilled before being selected by hand. After destemming, the berries are cold-soaked for up to 2 hours before pressing in a pneumatic press. The must then settles naturally before fermentation in temperaturecontrolled stainless steel tanks.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate (robertparker.com):

This classic Rosal white blend is dominated by Albariño and has only small percentages (some 5%) of Caíño Blanco and Loureiro, which usually add freshness/elegance and balsamic notes, respectively. So, the profile of the 2019 Quinta de Couselo is as clean and focused as the pure Albariño, with perhaps a faint balsamic twist. These are very harmonious and expressive 2019s, which fulfill the positive comments I had heard about the vintage in Rías Baixas. This matured with lees for six months before bottling.