Riesling Dry Weingut Karthäuserhof, VDP Grosses Gewächs 2020

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This is a classic quality Riesling, coming from one of the world's finest and oldest producers in the Mosel region, in Germany. The Karthäuserhof estate is situated in a hilly region with southwestern exposure, which serves as the perfect spot for this Riesling; hilly slopes with plenty of warm and sunny days contrasting with cooler nights. This micro-climate makes it a perfect spot for this Riesling. The grapes are picked by hand, then gently pressed and fermented in a controlled manner in stainless steel. The wine then matures on the full yeast for eight (8) months. The nose has a hint of shy spice, contrast with dense green apple fruit. Very pure, no trace of honey or overripeness, just lots of fruit and wet stone, coated in a melty texture and fresh acidity. Long fruity aftertaste without any dominance of sweetness. Great maturation potential.

Tasting note

This is a quintessential old-world German wine, it is impressive. After the grape harvest, the grapes arrive at the winery by the fastest route. Here they are sorted and carefully broken up.

Food pairing

We recommend drinking this charming old-world wine chilled, (roughly 8 - 10°C); the food pairing is fairly wide as it pairs perfectly with appetizers from matured cheeses, grilled-vegetables, to raw fish (sushi/sashimi style), salmon tartare, crab, lobster and fresh Oysters.

About the producer

The vineyards of Eitelsbach, named after a nearby tributary of the Ruwer, were first mentioned in writings circa 1223. Over a hundred years later, in 1335, PrinceElector Balduin of Luxembourg gifted an estate on the land to the monks of the Carthusian order. The monks founded it as an official winegrowing estate and
cultivated wine for almost 500 years, but since 1811, the Karthäuserhof has been passed down from generation to generation within a single family. The current
owner, Albert Behler, represents the seventh generation of the Leonardy / Rautenstrauch / Tyrell / Behler family to uphold the stellar international reputation of the
Karthäuserhof, which it has held for the past 200 years.
The reason for the exceptional quality of the wines from the Karthäuserhof is its legendary Karthäuserhofberg vineyards; its unique terroir produces wines with
character and maturity potential. The Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP), i.e. the Association of German Quality Wine Estates, classifies the
Karthäuserhofberg as a “VDP.GROSSE LAGE”, thereby designating it as one of the outstanding quality German vineyards. This classification is reserved for
vineyards from which the best German wines offering complex taste, expressive vineyard character and particular maturity potential originate

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