Domaine de Bablut, Coteau de l’Aubance Selection 2010

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Slate and sandstone schist soils. Slopes overlooking the river Aubance. Hand harvested, 20% late harvest grapes (for freshness), 80% botrytised grapes. Fermentation/ maturation for 18 months in oak barrels.

Tasting note

The richness of our "Selection" vintage comes from the concentration of the grapes due to the benefits of noble rot. They save 20% overripe grapes to keep a touch of fresh grape in this sweet wine. The color is straw yellow, thick tears testify to the richness of the wine. The fruity aromas are dominant (grapefruit, peach, pineapple and quince jelly), the floral notes bring even more complexity (vine flower, hawthorn and linden).

About the producer

The Daviau family have owned vines on the hills surrounding Brissac since 1546. Today, their 50 hectares of vineyards spread over numerous and varied parcels in and around the commune. Christophe Daviau, heir to the family business, now manages Domaine de Bablut, following the completion of his wine studies at the University of Bordeaux. Due to his great respect for the environment, Christophe committed himself to organic farming. Furthermore, inspired by natural activist Nicolas Joly, Christophe adopts many biodynamic practices too. In 1993, a biodynamic trial was initiated to convert the entire vineyard to organic viticulture. This was completed in 1996. Christophe’s philosophy is to create a harmonious balance between terroir and grape variety, which he does with serious aplomb.

This approach is further strengthened with the conservation of grass strips and the planting of hedges, in order to provide ideal cover for beneficial insects. Christophe uses green manure to nourish the vines. The vineyards are maintained by mechanical hoeing and superficial ploughing, which on the one hand promotes a deep rooting and allows the plant to better resist the drought and, on the other hand, draws mineral elements from the soil.

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