Domaine Christophe Buisson, Saint Romain Rouge 2019

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Saint Romain Rouge is aged in 100% oak, 2-6 year-old barrels.

About the producer

Destined to be a mason like his father and his brother, Christophe decided to leave the family business and go into the wine industry. After receiving his diploma, he started his domaine in 1996 by renting a few acres of vines. Overtime he gradually purchased and rented further vines in and around Saint Romain and beyond, so that his domaine covered 7 hectares. He moved into a new chai in Beaune in 1999, renovating it in 2005. He has now relinquished the management of his vineyards (en fermage) to Alex Gambal (whilst also working with Alex as a partner and consultant). He will continue to concentrate on working as a tiny micro-négociant in his own right, but still with specialist focus and expertise in the amphitheatre-like Saint Romain appellation, with the best sites located on stony slopes beneath a striking outcrop of limestone cliffs. Christophe’s believes meticulous work in the vineyards, fermentation in cement cuves, élevage in medium age barrels, minimal racking & pumping, and a gentle bottling with no filtration or fining for the reds, all combine to give wines of impressive depth and complexity. He manages to achieve sufficient natural ripeness every year and shuns chaptalization, and his wines show good concentration. His red wines offer plenty of vibrant fruit and gentle texture, whilst his whites balance ripeness and intense minerality. They are very charming, ‘easy’ Burgundies, capturing the immediate pleasure of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Saint-Romain Blanc is aged in 70% oak and 30% stainless steel. Saint Romain Rouge is aged in 100% oak, 2-6 year-old barrels. The wines are matured for 16-18 months prior to bottling. The 2015s show the benefit of his skills and experience, alongside the excellence of the vintage.

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