Castell d’Encus, Costers del Segre ‘Ekam’ 2021

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At least 80% Riesling and Albariño. Handpicked into small 10kg boxes of grapes exclusively from the estate. A percentage of the harvest comprises grapes with noble rot. Vinified in small 25hl oak vats at low temperatures.

Tasting note

Pale green olive colour. High intensity with citric notes and a touch of orange flowers. Important acidity around which they develop glyceric touches on the palate and notes of crispy fruit of cold weather (fresh apricot). Long finish, with and important density. This wine will develop the cold weather Riesling complexity while aging in the bottle, always well integrated with the high acidity and long glycerine characteristics from botrytis wines.

About the producer

A hugely exciting project from Raül Bobet, following on from his role of Technical Director at Torres. In 2001, whilst searching for land in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenées, Raül discovered a stunning estate at 1,000m above sea level dating back to the 12th century. Farming organically, he chose to densely plant 23 hectares with Riesling, Pinot Noir, Albariño, Sauvignon, Sémillon, Syrah and classic Bordeaux varieties. Soils are mainly limestone, low in organic matter, hold excellent sun exposure, coupled with significant day / night temperature variations, ensuring fine ripeness allied to racy acidity. Harvested by hand in 10kg boxes.

Raül was inspired by his discovery of 9 medieval rock fermenters in the vineyards, embedded in the rocky hillsides and cut out by 12th century monks who guarded the Pyrenees frontier from the Moors advance. He restored them back into full working order and now ferments several of his wines in them. Other wines are fermented in either oak barrels or stainless steel. Plenty of blending options exist in order to give fine aromatic complexity. The wines are bottled unfiltered. Respect for the environment is central to Raül’s philosophy, throughout all viticultural / vinification processes. The winery is specifically designed so that all transfers of wine are actioned by gravity. The lowest possible impact on the environment is the aim. The results are amazing: high natural acidity, crystalline purity, superb length and mouth feel, with both reds and whites receiving a great deal of richly deserved critical praise. Raül’s motivation to fashion wines of individuality, expression and ultimate quality never ceases. The experimentation and the discovery of what is or might be possible continues to provide the challenges he craves.