Amen Break, Zebra Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018

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In 1968, a little known funk and soul outfit called The Winstons recorded ‘Amen Brother’. In the middle of the song, the drummer, Greg Coleman, plays a short solo, or drum break. This 6 second, 4 bar piece of drumming genius is known as The Amen Break. The Amen Break has become the most sampled drumbeat in musical history. It has been used by a huge diversity of artists, and is considered the foundation rhythmic beat for much of the electronic musical genre that exploded in the late 80’s and early 90s of last century.
The Amen Break wines, setup by brothers Matt and Steve Harrop, have been making (sound) waves of their own lately.
The Pinot Noir is sourced from the Pisa Moorings vineyard, just outside of Cromwell (near to Burn Cottage and Surveyor Thompson). All harvest is done by hand, the winemaking is respectful and considered. Natural yeasts conduct the fermentation, and a high (up to 50%) amount of whole bunches are utilized. Once dry the wine is pressed and matured in used French hogsheads. No fining is used and the wine is bottled unfiltered.