Winter Mixed Case Deals

Christmas Feast Mixed Cases

Once again, this year we’ve made it simple and fun for when it comes to making that arduous task of choosing the perfect wines to go with your Christmas feast! Whether you’re wanting some wine for the cold weeks ahead or to get the the perfect wine selection for the Big Day, we are sure our mixed cases will fit a wide variety of styles, preferences, and budgets, with each case consisting of a mixture of tempting wines, all offering cracking value for money, punching well above their weight and ready for drinking now!

Each of our Christmas Feast Mixed Case Deals consists of 6 different wines to go with each Festive course:

Wine 1 – from a celebratory Champagne/Sparkling or Zesty White to start with party nibbles,

Wine 2 – an unctuous Wine to match with your Foie Gras, Terrines and Pates,

Wine 3 – a stealth Dry White Wine to cut through your  Smoked Salmon, Crab, and Shelled Prawns with Aioli course,

Wine 4 – a rich Dry White Wine to match with your Christmas Turkey or Leg of Ham,

Wine 5 – a cracking structured Red Wine to match with your Christmas Roast Beef and,

Wine 6 – an unctuous Sweet or Fortified Wine to match with your Christmas Pudding & Mince Pies to  savour away by the Fire!

British Feast Cases

Classic Father Christmas British Stocking

£121.50 (5x75cl + 1x50cl)
Available: 3

Classic Father Christmas British Sack

£285.50 (5x75cl + 1x50cl)
Available: 1
French Feast Cases

The Père Noël French Stocking 

£112.00 (5x75cl + 1x50cl)
Available: 35

The Père Noël French Sack 

£241.00 (5x75cl + 1x50cl)
Available: 9
South African Feast Cases

The Sinterklaas South African Stocking

£99.50 (6 x75cl)
Available: 7

The Sinterklaas South African Sack

£168.50 (6x75cl)
Available: 9
Spanish Feast Cases

The Papá Noel Spanish Stocking

£76.50 (5x75cl + 1x50cl)
Available: 43

The Papá Noel Spanish Sack

£183.00 (4x75cl + 1x50cl + 1x37.5cl)
Available: 3
German Feast Cases

The Weihnachtsmann German Stocking

£161.50 (6x75cl)
Available: 3

The Weihnachtsmann German Sack

£223.50 (6x75cl)
Available: 2