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What’s the best wine when love is in the air?

What’s the best wine when love is in the air?

Mid-February is the time for lovers and for celebrating your loved one. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on 14 February sees cascades of heart-adorned cards, chocolates and flowers presented by and to lovers all around the world. A special wine or two also has its place on this romantic holiday. Whether you’re planning to snuggle up at home cosy with your loved one, give a wine as a gift or simply enjoy platonic love with your friends, great wine makes the perfect companion for the evening and into the night.

You might be looking to impress a new love, make a thoughtful choice for a long-time companion or just splash outon a treat. And, as Valentine’s Evening is the perfect time to stay in together and treat yourselves, make sure you choose some wonderful wines.

The world of wine is your oyster. And, of course, oysters are the ultimate food of lovers, so perhaps they should be on the menu!

An effervescent evening

Bubbles are an integral part of any celebration. Whether you want to celebrate with Cava, indulgent Champagne, a crisp German Sekt or even a trendy PetNat, refreshing fizz can be your aperitif and accompany you throughout your meal or evening. And as it’s Valentine’s Day, why not make it a sparkling rosé, whose sensual style just screams romance.

Through rose-tinted glasses

And while we’re on the subject of rosé. When you’re in love, you tend to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, so why not fill your glasses with rosé too. Not only sparkling rosé but also still rosé is a great Valentine’s Day treat. Especially if you’re missing the summer sun. A crisp, pale Provence rosé will conjure up images of relaxing together by the pool in the south of France or simply enjoying the company of friends if you’re staying in with the gals instead of your loved one. Or maybe a slightly more powerful Bandol rosé if you’re with the guys. 

If oysters be the food of love, play on….

Oysters are the ultimate romantic treat, supposedly an aphrodisiac too! What was once a food for the London poor, is now an expensive luxury for special occasions, so how about indulging in some salty oysters paired with a glass of classic Chablis, maybe a Grand Cru to pamper yourselves, or even a crisp Muscadet sur lie.

In the mood for steak

And if you’re in the mood for a good, juicy steak, you’ll need something powerful to drink with it, so why not choose an award-winning wine from Spain – a full-bodied red blend from Priorat, a velvety Rioja or an elegant black-fruited Ribera del Duero.

A match made in heaven for the chocolate

And if the chocolate is unavoidable, something sweet and dark is in order in the wine department too. You could try it with a luxuriant Port, but how about an alternative, slightly lower alcohol fortified wine from the south of France, for example a Banyuls Vin Doux Naturel from Roussillon. The sweet Grenache fruit will envelope any chocolate nicely, or maybe try it with some strawberries, to match Grenache’s strawberry fruit.